DukaanFKK Wholesale has been in business since August 1996. Four individuals got together and opened up an independent wholesaler/cash and carry, amongst heavy competition and industry giants.

FKK Wholesale has not only survived but succeeded against all odds. FKK Wholesale has focused on Independent business owners, such as, convenience, grocery and vending. Our supply of goods/products is catered to these types of small to mid-size store owners.

store1Helping our customers to succeed, in turn, helps us to strive to be better and a force with our major suppliers. FKK Wholesale deals with most all major manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.

FKK Wholesale takes pride in our vast selection of brand-name products and other new innovation products.

Primary Departments: website-design-toronto

  • Tony – Manager/Confectionery Department
  • Mike – Grocery and Fridge/Frozen
  • Derek – Accounts and General Inquiries
  • Mario – Health & Beauty Aids and General Merchandise