Bread, canned/dry goods, dog/cat food, paper products, cutlery, cleaning supplies, cookies, water, pop, juices, wide variety of drinks, energy drinks, Styrofoam cups/plates/containers, all types of food  and much more.


All types of chocolate bars/gum, kids’ candy, novelty candy, mints, snacks, cakes, pegged candy, bulk candy, small and large bags of chips, peanuts and assorted nuts, jerky/pepperoni sticks, freezies, energy bars and much more.

Fridge & Frozenpp1

Juices, sliced meats, cheeses, milk, butter, ice cream, frozen fries/vegetables, frozen dinners, packaged ice and much more.

Health & Beauty Aidspp4

Headache remedies, tampons and feminine hygiene, over the counter medicines, personal hygiene, razors, and much more.

General Merchandise

pp5Batteries, glues, matches, locks, toys, gift bags, smoking accessories, lighters, and much more.