“I have known the boys at FKK Wholesale for over 20 years. They have treated me and my family as friends and I always felt like I could ask them for anything at any time. What most impresses me about them is they are just like all of us, independent business owners. They are hardworking, conscientious    and courteous people. I feel they are not only in business for themselves but for us, the Independents.  Thanks guys for all your support and help throughout the years.”

– Chang, Pine Valley Convenience

“I shop here everyday because I like the people. They are an independent business just like me. Their monthly flyer is top notch. They know the business inside out. I can approach them with anything. Continued good fortune to the boys at FKK.”

– Jason, SAK’s Fine Foods

“I am a second generation shopper at the FKK Wholesale. Fkk has competitive everyday prices. Their flyers are very good, with a variety of selection. When buying quantity of an item, it doesn’t hurt to ask for an extra deal. Thank you.”

– Roland, IDA Milk

“I have shopped at FKK Wholesale for many years and I keep going back because of the guys who run the place. I talk to them as friends and they have helped me when I needed anything. And then prices are more than competitive.”

– Arun, AGP Grocery

“Shopping at FKK Wholesale is like shopping at your local convenience store. Everyone is helpful, courteous and friendly. All the best.”

– Michael, A&D Mart

“I have known the people at FKK for over 10 years and I know them by their first name. Great prices, great services, and great people. Thanks FKK.”

– Ben, Gateway